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                           COVID-19 WORSHIP GUIDELINES 

1.  In order to maintain social distance, only 60 people can safely meet in the sanctuary; the rest can meet in the fellowship Hall or listen through the FM transmitter in their vehicle.

2.  Alternate pews will be used. It is recommended that you keep at least six feet away from a person in the pew that is not a member of your IMMEDIATE family.

3.  As a matter of safety and in Christian love, wearing a mask at ALL times is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

4.  If you are not feeling well, PLEASE STAY HOME.

5.  If you are immune compromised or have underlying medical conditions (such as cancer or heart problems), you should consider staying at home or listening to the service in your vehicle via the FM transmitter.

6.  There will not be a time of greeting with hugs, handshakes, etc.

7.  The offering plates will not be passed; they will be placed on a stand near the doors.

8.  The attendance folders will not be used.

9.  There will be no organized congregational singing.

10.  The microphones will not be passed for prayer requests; they will need to be given to the pastor prior to the service or be given from your seat in the pew.

11.  There will be limited access to the building.  The only doors that you can enter and exit will be at the back of the sanctuary, the handicapped entrance, and the fellowship hall doors. 

12.  The pastor is not required to wear a mask while preaching.

13.  The nursery will NOT be staffed.  If a parent needs to use the nursery 1/2 of the nursery will be available for use.  Please bring your own child's toys from home for them to use that day as the toys in the nursery will not be available. There is a changing table in the women's bathroom outside the sanctuary.

(Approved by the Church Board, July 2020)

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